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"Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams is simply one of the finest American bands out there on the road."

All Music Guide

"Super and Natural... I love this band!"

Gene Shay
WXPN FM - Philadelphia

"Whenever I watch The Circus it reminds me to write and perform with my whole heart and soul."

Dar Williams

"A truly remarkable record. I couldn't believe how good it is. Had they made a single, it would be hailed as a classic."

Bruce Warren, PD
WXPN FM - Philadelphia

"Mightily impressive and hugely original... 'tis truly an epic soundtrack."

Maverick Magazine - UK

"Casting a wide net, their music energizes anyone who hears it."

Relix Magazine

"My biggest surprise of the weekend. I was instantly mesmerized. In a word, they are MAGNIFICENT!".

Fern MacDonald
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Review

"This band is at once completely original and entirely familiar. A truly magical experience even if you're just having a conversation with them. It's been a privilege to play their special brand of music on the air. All hail the Circus of Dreams!"

Spider Glenn
Vermont Radio Personality/ WNTI NJ

"Flapjacks from the Sky' abounds with personality, humor, honesty, goodness and grace, a human warmth brought on by connection to the larger whole and a higher spirit."

Mike Jurkovic

"(Flapjacks is) a sustained moment of revelation... A quest for the real gold, the kind that can't be bought or sold. Life changing... a real masterpiece."

Pete & Maura Kennedy
The Kennedys

"This band is a riveting, mesmerizing, crazy, amazing machine of music that gives you chills both through the playing of their eclectic musical devices, as well as through their spiritually evoking lyrical content."

Bottomline NYC Concert Review, Chronogram

"Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams kick some mean hillbilly butt beside Joziah's wry hangdog lead."

Mari McAvenia
Martha's Vineyard Times

"Lively songs that are imbued with mystical stirrings."

New York Times

"This band is a wonderful surprise - great songs and a whole lotta heart."

Meg Griffin
WFUV/Sirius Radio

"I have rarely seen new groups crash upon the scene with as much impact as this group has. This here record is one big winner in my book."

George Fletcher
Rhythm & News Magazine

"Joziah is an awesome songwriter."

Garth Hudson
The Band

"Like Colorado's Sixteen Horsepower, The Circus reaches back for elements of early American music and makes it rock."

Elisa Flynn
Fairfield County Weekly

"Gandalf Murphy and the SCOD is really something special. This is a band that has all the components necessary to be successful in music - (all that presentation stuff, image, etc.) with the most important ingredient nailed solid... sincere, fresh, accomplished, and memorable music."

"This band is a knockout... they are as fascinating to watch as they are to hear."

Roger Straub
The Trumpeter

"One of the most charismatic talents to emerge from New York's creative community."

Guitar Magazine

"They're not just a band. That's something like saying the Bible is just a book."

Terri Lagerstedt
Westchester County Weekly